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Pets At Christmas Infographic

UK is a nation where the pets are loved the most. The owners treat the pets as part of their families and they even get gifts and presents for their pets on Christmas days. Of the families that own pets, at least 65% get gifts for their furry friends. 44% get gifts for their pets at least two times a year. The most generous pet owners belong to Wales, Yorkshire and Humberside. Every Christmas, 61% of the pet owners get presents for their pets. Welsh prove to be the most generous as 70% of people get gifts for their pets. 37% of them spend 5 pounds on these presents.

.London tops the list of biggest gift givers as 12% of the population spend 50 pounds for getting Christmas gifts for their pets. In London, 18% got outfits for their pets for Christmas and in Wales this number is twice. 21% of UK prepares special dinner for the Christmas Eve to their pets. 24% of the population has hung the stocking for their four legged friends. 85% present toys and 20% get their pets grooming accessories. 88% of women prefer getting toys and 49% men prefer accessories as gifts for their pets.

pets at christmas infographic 1
Infographic by: petsathome

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