Skiing Around the World Infographic

Ski resorts have been more than a welcome to sports lovers and this industry has been attracting millions across the globe to join the fun. It is to be known as to where one would find a record number of ski-resorts and the destinations that are most popular before packing their bags. There are about 2,110 resorts globally of which The Alps has 35%, America 21%, Asia & Pacific 19%, Europe excluding the Alps with 13% and Eastern Europe and Central Asia with 12%. Globally, it is The Alps that has the maximum ski lifts for each resort. About 77% of the major ski resorts are located in the Alps, while 17% are present in America and 6% in the remaining of Europe. Nick Willey is credited with having set a record for non-stop skiing for about 201 hours and 1 minute, by skiing down 916 slopes. The countries that attract skiers in huge numbers are Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, United States and other countries. The countries of New Zealand, Hawaii, Morocco and Canada are considered to be great destinations for skiing and surfing in the same day, which otherwise might not seem to be an obvious activity.

skiing around the world infographicInfographic by: sainsburysbank

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