St. Patrick’s Day Infographic

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with great fanfare by Christians across the globe. It is necessary to know the history behind this great event. In 395 A.D., St. Patrick was born near Kilpatrick, Scotland. When he was 16 years old, he had been kidnapped and enslaved in Ireland to tend the sheep. According to the instructions of God in a dream, he fled to the coast and returned to Great Britain. He then had another dream, where he was requested by the Irish people to return back to them.

This dream made him to study for priesthood and to become the bishop of the Catholic Church. In 433 A.D., he returned to Ireland for converting the Irish into Christianity. On 17th March, 461 A.D., almost after an untiring 30 years of continuous missionary work, he died in Ireland. Only after centuries later that he has been recognized to be the country’s patron saint. 17th March is being celebrated with great pomp, not only in Ireland, but also in almost every Christian country in the world. It is celebrated to acknowledge the works and efforts of St. Patrick. Also it had become an important official feast day for Catholic Church and parades and festivals are carried out on this day.

st patricks day infographic
Infographic by: windycitynovelties

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