The Toxic Truth About Smoking Infographic

Smoking leads to various hazards. Smoking leads to problems in the circulatory system. Even with smoking for a minute, rate of heart beat and blood pressure increase. The fat substances build up in the arteries, and leads to blockage. This eventually leads to gangrene. Smoking also has its impact on memory and the cognitive abilities. You can experience better concentration, when you quit smoking, which is because of the oxygen levels increase in the body. This aids in the mental comfort. Hearing loss is also experienced because of smoking. Other effects are loss of appetite, loss of smell and taste, malnutrition and losing weight.

Eye disorders are also possible because of smoking. The destruction of antioxidants because of smoking leads of cataract. The mineral density of hip bones is lower in smokers. The smokers are also prone to fractures. The reduction of blood flow, which is caused by smoking affect bone density. Scurvy, a disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C is also caused because of smoking. The absorption of vitamins by the body is affected because of the act of smoking. The blood flow is reduced because of smoking, which affects the healing process. Also, collage the connective tissue, is produced less and the process of healing is slowed down.

the toxic truth about smoking infographic

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