The World’s Fastest Trains Infographic

Trains have been around since the early 1900s and have played a major role in shaping the world we live in.

Steam trains were first invented in industrial Britain during the industrial revolution. They gave them an unparalleled advantage in transporting goods and people. This soon spread around the world as other nations began to adopt this form of transportation.

But as more railways were built, people also wanted to travel at a higher speed. In 1964, Japan started its bullet train service which was the first of its kind and achieved speeds over 200 km/h

Japan is recognized for their high-speed trains. It still leads the rankings in current speed competitions

Japan has developed a new magnetic levitation (maglev) train with a top speed of 311 mph. This trains is three times faster than the country’s fastest regular operating bullet train and can be found in 18 locations.

There are many different types of trains in the world, and the two fastest ones happen to be maglev. These trains use magnets to levitate and propel themselves forward without much friction when coming to a stop.

Japan’s L0 Series Maglev train holds the world speed record at 602 km/h, but it has been discontinued.

After years of low investment, Japan has seen stiff competition from China. Historically, China used its railway network for cargo but has now begun to target high-speed passenger traffic.

China already has a train in operation that runs at 600 km per hour. The newest one, unveiled this July is expected to reach speeds over 373 mph

When it was first unveiled, this maglev train was talked up as the fastest operating train in the world. But its test speed record is only as fast as L0 Series trains currently on offer.

Asian countries have half of the 8 fastest trains in the world. Including Japan and South Korea, these countries account for most high-speed rail networks and record speeds on this continent.

Electric trains in Asia have the fastest records, but European trains are also becoming faster. The French TGV POS can travel at 357 mph (575 km/h) and the Italian Frecciarossa 1000 travels at 245 mph (394 km/h).


the worlds fastest trains infographic

Infographic by: visualcapitalist

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