Things To Know About GMO Laws Infographic

The genetically modified foods, GMOs as they are popularly known as are around the market from 1996. Currently the amount of the processed foods in the supermarket is at least 70% of what is available. 88% of corn, 94% of cotton, 90% of canola and 93% of soybeans are processed in US. The labeling of the foods which used GMOs became mandatory first in the European Union in the year 1997. This paved way for 64 nations, developed and developing nations included, made labeling mandatory. In European Union if the foods used more than 0.9% of ingredients that are genetically modified, labeling is mandatory.

According to surveys conducted by various agencies, people more than 90% are for GM labeling. 24 states in US have pending laws on GM labeling. Only 3 states have passed this measure. 1% of chance for passing the Right to Know Act for knowing the GMO act’s successful passing. Vermont, Connecticut and Maine are the states that have passed this measure. However, in Vermont, the measure has passed in the House and not in Senate yet. It would take 2 more years to come into effect even if it is passed in the senate.

things to know about gmo laws infographicInfographic by: huffintonpost

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