Top T-Shirt Designs Infographic

Do you know concert tees initially came into existence in 1970’s. T-shirts were sold only at concerts in the initial stages and then with the popularity it had among the masses, people started selling them at discounted rates. Hard rock café is a very well-known signature which has more than seventy thousand pieces. The tuxedo T-shirts was the ones which were irrelevant and more formal. It is believed that Harvey Ball spent around ten minutes to design a smiley face on a T-shirt and he was paid forty five dollars for his effort. The vote for pedro was a popular item from Napolean Dynamite that was a slogan in one of the T-shirts. There are many other T-shirts which have different slogans and have been a hit among the masses. Keep Calm and carry is one such slogan that was purchased in the year 2000 by the owner of Barter Books. The owner then released a modern version after a number of requests.

Lousy T-shirts are great choice as they make you feel good and smart. They were released in the year of 1977.Frankie says relax is another slogan that became very popular in the year 1984. This T-shirt attracted many music fans into human billboards.

top t shirt designs infographicInfographic by: coastalprintworks

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